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Nokia 5130 rm-495 latest flash file 7.98

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Nokia 5130 rm-495 latest flash file 7.98


NOKIA 5800 Nimbuzz for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic fro Symbian 1.0

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Nimbuzz for Nokia 5800 enables Google Talk, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Myspace, Orkut, Facebook & Jabber on the Nokia 5800

Hey all,

This is one of the top free applications available for the Nokia 5800 today!

Not only does it allow you to connect to pretty much any Chat providers it allows you to connect to multiple Social Websites like Facebook & Myspace.

The best feature for me personally was Skype for the Nokia 5800, as there is no native client for s60v5. I tried calling over wifi and it worked perfectly.

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Download here

Nokia 5800 Facebook Application Released for Nokia 5800 at OVI Store

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Missing Facebook on your Nokia 5800? Well no more, its available here finally for free. The official Facebook application for S60 5th Edition phones like Nokia 5800 and N97 is out on Nokia’s OVI store.
The application is a runtime widget and work both in landscape and portrait mode. It has almost all the features you can expect from a Facebook mobile client, though it feels a little slow to use. You can do just about eveything you can do at Facebook- view news feeds, events, post status updates, view photos, view friends, manage your inbox, and post photos.
A vast majority of Symbian S60 3rd Edition phones are still not supported with the Facebook application. Expect another update of the application for it. But all you Nokia 5800 owners, just search for Facebook at your OVI store client and download straight to your mobile.
If you still do not have the OVI client available on your phones, download it from here. Or else check out the OVI store website.
Here are some screenshots we took while downloading, installing and using FB on Nokia 5800:

Nokia 5800 uQuran- Micro Quran Reciter Application

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We have almost reached the fag end of the holy month of Ramdan and we thought this was the right time to review one of the Islam centric apps available on the symbian platform-uQuran.
Developed by Guided ways, uQuran read as Micro Quran is a pocket Quran reciter for our 5800s, an ideal companion for followers of Islam. The application  offers the full Quran in Uthmani Font with an easy to use user interface along with verse-by-verse translation on our 5800s. Screenshots and more details after the break.
The app has a very simple user interface that allows users to browse around the holy text. For users who are not well versed with Uthmani font, the app offers verse by verse translation and recitation with the added convenience of bookmarking. The app is 100% optimized for touch screen navigation and is fully compatible in both landscape and portrait modes.
What we like?
  1. Well designed user interface
  2. Verse-by-verse translation
What we don’t like?
  1. Not all the supported features are available on this version of uQuran
The Islam centric app, which was recently added to the Ovi store couldn’t have come at a much better time than during the concluding week of the holy month of Ramadan. While the app is not fully functional in its present version on the ovi store, its a must have for every Muslim 5800er.

NOKIA 5800 Official Skype Client for 5800 Launched, or has it?

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Skype, the best known name in VoIP today has been overlooking the symbian platform for long. Amazed by the market success of our 5800 and the emergence of other offerings from Nokia and other manufacturers, Skype has finally released an official client for symbian fifth edition.
Before you get all excited, we should warn you that Skype have packed in a dampener with their debut client for the symbian platform: the client works only on the networks of 3 in Europe and few other destinations. Hit on the jump button for further details.
Thats a cool background there, ain’t it? Thats far as our first hand experience goes with this client as the app works only on 3 networks in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Australia and Hong-Kong. Now, thats one more reason for us to consider shifting our base to the UK!
From what we make out of this application, our friends at Skype seem to have defined the access points  only for 3G networks of 3 in Europe and elsewhere. While we are glad to finally see an official client of Skype on 5800s, we are (or rather forced ) to rely on Nimbuzz for all our Skype needs for the time being. Do let us know how this client fares on your 5800 (if you are one of the chosen ones!).

NOKIA 5800 Opera Mobile 10 Beta Released for S60, Looks Impressive

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NOKIA 5800 Opera Mobile 10 Beta Released for S60

Opera Mobile which is considered as one of the top browsers available on mobile devices is now finally available on symbian devices. Though still in beta stage, Opera Mobile 10 looks very promising and has the potential of being the best browser on symbian platform.
While Opera Mini has been available for symbian devices since long, the mini was a java based version and not really designed to fully exploit the hardware and software capabilities of symbian devices. The beta version of the symbian application is noticeably faster than Opera Mini 5, the latest java based browser from Opera. Does the beta version of Opera Mobile 10 have what it takes to be the best browser? Hit on the jump button to find out.
At first look the browser looks very similar to  the Opera Mini 5 but the speed of browsing is leagues ahead of the former. Tabbed browsing, which we first saw in Opera Mini 5 has got better in Opera Mobile 10 with easier tab management functions. The speed-dial of the Opera desktop and Opera Mini 5 makes a reappearance in in Opera Mobile 10 as well. While we can go at great lengths explaining the different functions of the browser, we realise a demo video by Opera themselves should do more justice to the task:
What we like?
  1. Faster browsing speeds (Opera claims as much as 50% improvement over the previous version)
  2. Convenient tab management
  3. Password management
  4. Option of saving images
What we don’t like?
  1. Memory intensive (we got a memory full warning with only 2 apps running in the background, one of them being Opera Mini 10 beta)
  2. Missing flash support
  3. Different buttons for zooming in and zoom out
Our friends at Opera have done it again! They have packed some of the most sought after features in their latest mobile browser. While flash support continues to elude mobile browsers from Opera, most of the features of the desktop version of Opera’s browser are now available on their mobile browser. While we did face memory issues, we are guessing these bugs will be fixed when the final version is released. Till then, you may want to get a hands on feel of this latest browser from opera.

Nokia 5800 Photoviewer 5.01 beta Released for 5800s

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Nokia 5800 Photoviewer 5.01 beta Released for 5800s

Famous for their applications on the Windows Mobile platform,Resco have been pretty active across other platforms as well. One of such applications on the symbian platform is Resco Photoviewerwhich  was first launched way back in 2007, the golden years of Nokia’s dominance in the smartphone segment with the unparalleled success of Nokia N95.
Well Nokia as well as we as consumers have come a long way and so has Resco with their Photoviewer which is now into v5.01 beta. Whats the deal with Resco Photoviewer? Well, it packs in quiet a punch with its kinetic scrolling and true image editing tools, that are presently not offered by the default image browser of our Nokia 5800s. Ok, how do they actually pan out on our 5800s? Let’s find out after the break though.
Resco4 Resco4 Resco photo Resco4
First and foremost, this is not a free application and Resco have made even the beta a trial version! Something we haven’t seen in any of the betas so far but we are not complaining. Resco Photoviewer is a an amazing image browser tool which has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a fan of list view or thumbnail view (comes in small and large), the photoviewer has an answer for you. Add image editing tools and kinetic scrolling to that and we have a complete browser app.
What we like?
  1. Kinetic Scrolling (again Nokia, where are you?)
  2. Image editing tools
What we don’t like?
  1. Slideshow is presently not working
We gotta give Resco Photoviewer one of our coveted “must have” tags but we guess we will wait till the final version is released for we really want to see how the slideshow turns out to. However, even in the absence of slideshow, Resco’s Photoviewer is an amazing app, just for its kinetic scrolling and basic image editing tools. We don’t yet know the pricing of this app, but going by the history of this app, we are expecting somewhere around  USD 15 ~ 20, which may look overpriced but we do think it deserves the pricing.

Masterbox Update Released Cooland usb supported

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4 Dec 2012 Masterbox Update Released Cooland usb supported !!!!

What's new

Coolsand com port :

  • Read flash
  • Write flash
  • Read password
  • Repaier Imei
Coolsand Usb port :

  • Read flash ( Working mode )
  • Write flash ( Working mode )
  • Read password ( Working mode )
  • Repaier Imei ( Working mode )
Mtk :

  • Mtk Nv read write Bug fixed
  • Mtk imei Function improved

Coolsand Usb read flash ( First in this World )
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