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Nokia 5800 Photoviewer 5.01 beta Released for 5800s

Nokia 5800 Photoviewer 5.01 beta Released for 5800s

Famous for their applications on the Windows Mobile platform,Resco have been pretty active across other platforms as well. One of such applications on the symbian platform is Resco Photoviewerwhich  was first launched way back in 2007, the golden years of Nokia’s dominance in the smartphone segment with the unparalleled success of Nokia N95.
Well Nokia as well as we as consumers have come a long way and so has Resco with their Photoviewer which is now into v5.01 beta. Whats the deal with Resco Photoviewer? Well, it packs in quiet a punch with its kinetic scrolling and true image editing tools, that are presently not offered by the default image browser of our Nokia 5800s. Ok, how do they actually pan out on our 5800s? Let’s find out after the break though.
Resco4 Resco4 Resco photo Resco4
First and foremost, this is not a free application and Resco have made even the beta a trial version! Something we haven’t seen in any of the betas so far but we are not complaining. Resco Photoviewer is a an amazing image browser tool which has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a fan of list view or thumbnail view (comes in small and large), the photoviewer has an answer for you. Add image editing tools and kinetic scrolling to that and we have a complete browser app.
What we like?
  1. Kinetic Scrolling (again Nokia, where are you?)
  2. Image editing tools
What we don’t like?
  1. Slideshow is presently not working
We gotta give Resco Photoviewer one of our coveted “must have” tags but we guess we will wait till the final version is released for we really want to see how the slideshow turns out to. However, even in the absence of slideshow, Resco’s Photoviewer is an amazing app, just for its kinetic scrolling and basic image editing tools. We don’t yet know the pricing of this app, but going by the history of this app, we are expecting somewhere around  USD 15 ~ 20, which may look overpriced but we do think it deserves the pricing.

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